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Spring is on and GBCA is busy planning goals and activities for 2014 season. Like every year, I am sure you all are excited as much as us and waiting to have a great cricket season.As an organization, at high level we are looking to achieve following goals this season.

  1. Conduct minimum of 3 kids/youth cricket camps.
  2. Introduce Cricket sport to at least 2 local schools in the area.
  3. Participate in at least 2 public events promoting Cricket.
  4. Conduct a minimum of 2 competitive Cricket Adult tournaments.
  5. Raise required fund for Ashwaubenon Cricket ground.
  6. Improve financial transparency by publishing all financial activities in a website.

As you can see, we set ourselves a high bar in expectations and this is not possible without a volunteers effort and a financial assistance.

Looking for Volunteers/Volunteer Executives

At GBCA, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join us in leading the above mentioned goals and help the cricket community in Green Bay, Appleton and other surrounding fox cities. We are looking for a minimum of 10 volunteers to achieve these goals.

In additional to Volunteers, we are looking for volunteer executives to be part of our core organization/Board to lead & guide us in our initiatives.

Would you like to to part of this initiative ? please join us by filling this form:

Adult Cricket Team Registration

As mentioned in our goal, we plan to conduct minimum of 2 adult cricket tournaments this year. In order to effectively conduct adult leagues, few changes has been made from last year.

We are accepting team registration for this season starting today. Here are few dates to remember:

April 25, 2014 Team Club Registration
(Click here to Register)
1. Please review Club Maintenance Fee
2. Agree to abide GBCA Rules
3. No need to player names at this point.
April 30, 2014 GBCA Publishes GBCL Roster, Schedule and Tournament Fee
 May 10, 2014  GBCL Team RegistrationTeams registers themselves with all players included.
Due: Club maintenance Fee + Tournament Fee.
 May 15, 2014 GBCL Starts

Note: Schedule may vary based on weather conditions..

Club Maintenance Fee

In the past, we always budgeted by league and teams pay for league expenses. While this has been working in the past to an extent, we were unable to track/cover the non-league expenditure like expenses in laying carpet, office supplies, food for volunteers etc.. So in order to efficiently run this year, we would like to split the club maintenance fee separately from league.

  1. Applicable only to adult cricket teams 
  2. 140USD per Adult cricket team. 
  3. Each team may have up to 20 players. 
  4. One time fee for the season. 
  5. All expenses will be available for public consumption in this website. 
  6. Will be spent for common club expenses like travel, brochure expenses, volunteer food expenses etc.. 
  7. Non-refundable.
Note: To avoid teams collecting money multiple times, club maintenance fee can be paid along with tournament fee. 

Looking forward to have a wonderful cricket season ahead. Please feel free to post your questions/suggestions in comments below or shoot an email to

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