As a Non Profit organization, we operate on volunteers. We are group of Cricket sport enthusiasts working towards promoting cricket awareness in and around Green Bay area.  We conduct Cricket Leagues , participate on community activities and coaching programs for youth and anyone who is interested in playing cricket. We actively need help on these activities. If you can help with any of these activities, please click on link below to volunteer with us! 

Below are some of the examples for volunteering opportunities:

  1. Organizing Cricket Leagues for Youth (Under 18)  - Scoring, Supervising, Time Management
  2. Cricket Coaching for Kids and youth (4 - 19)
  3. Evangelize - Talk about GBCA on public events and promote.
  4. Sponsorship outreach - Actively reach out to prospective sponsors to talk about targeted campaign and needs.
  5. Cricket Ground Maintenance - Typical Errands around ground Maintenance
  6. Conduct Cricket Leagues for Adult (Above 18) - Scoring, Supervising, Time Management.
  7. Website Maintenance - Content Editing, Keeping things up to date.

If you would like to get involved and volunteer with us, please fill in this form. Thanks!